Yearly Round Off: The First Quarter


(I really like the new opening sequence by SBS, it’s way better than the wooden one, maybe it’s just me?)


It’s that time of the year again….


It seems too early for that right?

….It’s only March :O

….So why am I doing this?



Okay. Let me introduce myself. I love dramas but I have no courage to write them. Yes, I believe that dramas are something that incorporates us into our daily lives and especially for me, it gives me a glimpse of everything. I can speak confidently thorough my mouth. However, I am terrible when it comes to writing long paragraphs and such. Wish me the best of luck?


You know that nostalgia feeling whenever you see year end reviews around the corner. A year has passed and you haven’t even noticed it. Also, we get a shock on how much time we actually spend on our dramas, no matter how bad it was, we would always stick to our favourite actors & actresses through thick and thin. My, my, isn’t it hard to do? I’ve spent my share of time scrolling around other blogs and I saw the recommended dramas: I mean who in the world would recommend you to watch Dream High 2??!!  It was an utter failure. That’s why I’ve come out with this page, to help people pick… err… the better off dramas. Cause we know how dramas can be done badly and be a biggggg disappointment. Yes, I’m pointing fingers at you “Big”. For newbies or drama addicts who somehow missed off this drama, look it up on the internet or search for a series review of somesort. It’ll help you, I’m sure. Sorry, no weekend dramas. I barely even have time for the weekdays.


*Warning: Spoilers Ahead. (Obviously)


Let’s start off with SBS and see what it has to offer.


King Of Dramas

Tagline: Self mockery? I’m all in for the ride.

Recommended OST: 가슴에 새겨져 (Keep In Your Heart)- Lee Hyun


-Kim Myung Min (Beethoven Virus) never fails to impress me with his cold characters. There is always something about him that attracts me to like his character. Anthony had a harsh life, his father died early and his mom had to bring him up in poverty. He gets it, and watches a drama serial. Since that day, he has worked hard to be the King Of Dramas. Why? He doesn’t want to be mocked at by other people, because it really hurts. We all can understand his pain and it does keeps this story going. With such, the blindness was something that shouldn’t have been done. I don’t really approve the execution of this and it is continually being dragged. Jung Ryeo Won (History Of The Salaryman). I truly loved her character. How sincere she was. How much she wanted to prove that there was fairness in everything. How much she wanted to please her mother and give her a good life. How much she wanted to follow her dreams. It brought up this drama up to another notch. Now, Choi Si Won (Skip Beat). Not bad, not bad at all. Best humorous and not so witty character ever. Is mocking oneself really funny to watch? Yeah it is. The directing was good, the evilness was at the mediocre level and everyone keeps the story moving just as great as the first episode. As great as this sounds, the latter part bothered me as to a point where I stopped. To this day, I still have Episode 11-18 in my hard disk, but I can’t possibly find a spot for this. A predictable story, with many laughters, however, lost its momentum towards the end. Many loved it. Many detested it. I am one of the few who just pushed it aside.


Quote: Others think that I am bad, but I am one who is trying hard to live in this corrupted world- Anthony Kim

Queen/ King Of Ambition/ Yawang 

Tagline: Walau. Could this drama go wrong like The Equator Man & Five Fingers or  succeed like Nice Guy?

Recommended OST: 얼음꽃 (Ice Flower)- Aliee


-Solid Cast. Su Ae is one strong woman. Trust me, only her and Go Hyun Jung are the women that can impress me to the max. I truly love them. Haha. Still, this drama is like any other dramas where they put strong casts together and idols. When do people ever learn that these type of combinations never go together? A tough notch with great castings, but it failed miserably. I have a rule to myself (to not drop bad dramas) is that I watch a show until the 10th episode. Yes, yes, I am very devoted. If after 10 episodes if I think it’s a goner, then I can’t help it. Something obviously went wrong, either in the storyline or the directing.Or both. I hardly believe it’s the actors/ actresses fault cause I know what I am given. Definitely not a silver spoon. I’ve watched almost all of them portraying characters before and I have to say I’m impressed. Hahahahaha. Me and my lame humour. Ah, the show. Changmin’s kiss was awesome. Truly realistic. And the noona- dongsaeng relationship is to die for. Take a bet with this show. If you think it’s great, continue. This show was a waste of effort and shouldn’t have been aired at all. Basically the plot sounds like a typical melodrama, but it is far from being even at a mediacore level. Disappointed? Yup. There goes their resumes. They say one bad drama can lead to another. :( Even so, it scored pretty high in the pack and it stayed in the lead till the near end. Maybe Koreans love to watch revenge dramas? That is something I will never understand (Anime does better in this genre) Still, no matter how much I want to bash this drama… it was acceptable. Not in my world but maybe in yours. I’m picky that way. A lot of things were…. choices that they will regret themselves. I think this was what this drama was aiming for. If it’s based on that, then it’s accomplished.


Quote: Even if others see me that way… it’s okay because I do not want my daughter to even smell poverty- Joo Da Hae

The Great Seer

Tagline: Tell me again, in what way are you great?

Recommended OST: 그대란 이유만으로 (With You Being The Only Reason)- Ock Joo Hyun


-Argh. Is this possible? So many complaints. I used to love the first six episodes… then Jung Geun grew up and the so- called brothers drifted apart and Jung Geun constantly wants to be the “only son”. It gets complicated and until adult hood, the characters live base on these 3 words. Ja. Mi. Won. What the heck? SBS? I think you are trying a slightly too hard. I feel sad for you that’s why I bothered to finish this drama. On the upside, the scenery is stunning and the cinematography is a notch above Queen Seon Deok. Seriously. The actors…. are they great? I’m all out of spirit and support for this drama. Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi, Take Care Of Us, Captain , Ji Sung (Protect The Boss), Song Chang Ui (Golden Time), Kim Soo Yun (Iris) and Lee Yoon Ji (King 2 Hearts). You can pick better projects than this. I know you can. At least the ending was worth it. Still too many deaths. Not bloody though.This series revolved more around the decisions that everyone chose to make rather than the plot itself. The script was not an easy one to remember, it had many twists and turns that actors had to figure out on the spot. It’s amazing that I finished it. It was partially because I had a lot of extra time in the holidays :)


Quote: If I could be your brother… let’s do it in the next life. This life is too messed up because of Ja Mi Won- it ruined our lives- Jung Geun

*No photos cause I accidentally deleted this show. Oh well.

That Winter, The Wind Blows 

Tagline: When a person wants to live meets another person who wants to die, what will happen?

Recommended OST: 겨울사랑 (A Winter Story)- The One


-Epicness. This show is too good for words. As with the other 3 above that failed miserably, this is a crack. Once again, I’m drained in the melodramas. I knew it. This was my weakness. Anyways, SBS took a bold move with this one. Two episodes aired in one night. The next day: one. A total of 3 on the premiere week. If every show was like this then I would be truly mesmerized. This drama took melodrama to a whole new level. All good dramas deserve lesser opinions so that the viewers can discover even more for themselves. (I persuaded my friend who didn’t like Korean Dramas before this and now she’s in love with it) (So think again)


Quote: Which one do you mean, the PL group Oh Soo or the conman Oh Soo- Moo Chul

KBS…. is indeed rocking off the year with…


School 2013 

Tagline: If God Of Study and Dream High were good….. this is the one to beat, not those 2 at the far end.

Recommended OST: Welcome To The School- 2Yoon


-Man, how many remakes were there to promote the younger generation? If I remember correctly, five. This is the sixth edition to this weird installment. It features young people like Lee Jong Suk (Secret Garden), Kim Woo Bin (A Gentleman’s Dignity) , Park Se Young (Faith) and Hyo Young (I don’t know her :/). This show. It has such a low budget but the bromance: is what everyone is waiting for every week. The 2 male leads never fail to make us into tears. It is heartfelt when we all live with the characters. They do make mistakes, but we feel for them, cause we had about the same mindset back then. We just wanted to enjoy the flow as everything went on. Problems come… when they solve it, another mountain appears. That’s life. And many adolescents don’t get it why schooling life is so easy. Neither do I. Ah, the teachers. Gah. I love them. They don’t have those kind of romantic relationship, but as coworkers of the same homeroom class, they are slowly grasping each other ideology and ways in life. It’s inspriring to watch as they mature and grow into real teachers who are envied by everyone. King Of Dramas touched my heart in a humorous way with too much melo to handle at times, but this show.. it’s close to…. I will recommend it to everyone. This drama is the one to beat on my list. Despite that, this is a drama not for all ages. For example, if you’re like 40++ and watching this drama, you’ll think, been there done that. Nonetheless, if you are probably a teenager, you will most likely find this compelling and not boring. So yeah.


Quote: There are these kind of teachers and that kind of teachers, but they will still be teachers.

-I didn’t watch Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek.

Jeon Woo Chi (Up to Episode 4)

Tagline: I can’t even believe that I sat through the first four episodes.

Recommended OST: 눈물 같은 사람 (A Person Like Tears)- Changmin


-Who? Where? What? Why? How? Did this happen? The problem with sageuks these days are they think too highly of themselves that they forget that simple is the key. Not failed bromance and romance blended in 1 drama. I just don’t get dramas anymore. It had a solid cast, but a storyline went afar from where it was suppose to end up. Somehow it lacked the main point of the show and dragged on and on forever. This could have been executed better. That was a huge amount of time wasted, but it’s worth it right? Err… I hope so. Tick tock. Going to finish this show this year. Let’s try. Basically I didn’t get the point (I wished I did). The story went well… and… I can’t really judge much based on 4 episodes. This can be possibly one of the underrated dramas that you should check out. Note, I said check out (with recaps) and not literally watching it.


Iris 2

Tagline: A spinoff from it’s original source: Iris. There’s really not much to say after that except that there’s a lot of black, which I like.

Recommended OST: Black Paradise- BEAST/B2ST (Junhyung composed this song!!!!)


-Not bad for visual, but that toy gun controversy got me spinning in my mind. How could I have overlooked that? Why would the Korean netizens care so much about a petty toy gun? It’s just a drama, why work so hard on it? Everything is going to be wasted anyways. The ratings for this show ain’t that high. Looking from another angle, this is a battle of ratings with the other 2. It’s funny how 2 dramas always lead the pack and the last one is really last. By a few percent. Yeah, this is more of a twitter post rather than a review. But, when there’s nothing to review, how can you review? O.O


Unfortunately I always let go of MBC Dramas. I can never have the time for them. Anyways, The Horse Healer took Mondays and Tuesdays timeslot whereas I Miss You/ Missing You took the other 2 days. What I am doing now is after these 2 dramas.


MBC.. remains as the broadcaster to look forward to and… I’m speechless


7th Grade Civil Servant

Tagline: In the progress… (Still airing… haven’t reached the halfway mark yet)

Recommended OST: 너에게 가는 길 (Path Towards You) (ft. 택연)- Junho


-The first 2 episodes bored me down a bit. I didn’t know what to expect (as usual) so I kept watching. There were recycled conflicts and many other things that made think again why in the world did I continue with it. Joo Won is a bit too childish for my taste, I really cannot stand Choi Kang Hee. She has the chemistry but the age bugs me, a lot. Chansung is doing pretty well and the second lead, is a bit plain. But I loved that toilet scene. Had me laughing the whole episode. I’m still watching it and hoping to give it a better review someday. But right now, it’ll stay right here.




tVN… has never failed me with their romance stories before…

Flower Boy Next Door

Tagline: Ahahahaha. How much quirkiness can this show get?

Recommended OST: Ready-Merry-Go- Romantic Punch


-This webtoon left me with a lot of questions. How come such people exist? How come there are so many voiceovers? How come everyone has a dark past? What happened to all the comedy that was splattered on the first few episodes? Moreover, why did I root for the second lead? Lastly, why did I fall for every one of tVN “Oh Boy” Series? Flower Boy Raymun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band… and now this. I’m a terrible person. Enrique proved to me that anyone who has enormous willpower can achieve anything. To be frank, I wasn’t sure of what I was getting myself into. Shy girl, hyper kid, the boring guy next door, hot neighbours, what could be the combination? The answer: A bit of everything. Park Shin Hye did her role well. I never really liked her in You’re Beautiful (SBS 2009) but this proved me otherwise. The other day I was reading an article on how Park Shin Hye was used as a stepping stone. I felt really sad. I’m just going to end everything here.


Quote: I know what I love and I love what I know :)




The main broadcasters have dwelled a hole… that I’m not sure whether they can be saved or not. Other than School 2013 and That Winter The Wind Blows, there’s nothing that makes me want to sit down and indulge a whole new story. Sure, 7th Level Civil Servant has Joo Won. Yup, he did great with Bridal Mask last year and made a WOW into everyone’s jaws up to a point that they think that this is a good drama, with a interesting plot and superb acting. There were flaws, but they were able to hide themselves because they had a backbone for support. I truly won’t hide my intentions. A lot of people support underrated dramas. I do too, if they are really worth to watch.  Dramas are practically something that happens everyday, whether you want it or not. It’s not surprising if all those tragic family fates are recycled plots or an actual story. This is why I choose to drop weekend dramas. One: it’s way too long and draggy. Two: I’ve seen it, I don’t have to re watch it again. Speaking of re watching, a majority people out there love to do so. I’ve tried and I don’t see a joy in doing so. A friend told me once: The more you watch a drama that you really liked at first, the clearer the errors are. Because of that, I’m a bit hesitant to do so. Maybe it’s just me.


Be sure to expect The Virus & Nine: Nine Times Time Travel & Ten Season 2 in the next review. It’s a hint. Did you get it? Kidding la.


Attention! I know you guys have spotted many english (particularly grammar errors) in this post. I get it. My english is bad, so now you will criticize. That’s how the world revolves. Bash all you like but before that, can you help me to correct my errors? It would really be pleasurable. Apparently, people these days think that whoever who blogs must have good english. Without proper english, everyone else will say a lot of horrible stuff about you and you will be insecure… fall into depression… and who knows… what will happen. So what about it, care to help? Maybe we could end up as friends one day. Still, haters gotta hate. They say the ones who hate the most are lonely inside. I’m reaching out my hand to you. Whether you want to take it or not… well…