OST Lists


Check out the OST Lists. A great way to enjoy your kdramas to the max. Why? Sometimes, a good drama is just hard to let go.

*From Airing Date with broadcasting station. If you can’t find it (just press command/ control “F”)

*The order is like Monday- Tuesday, Wednesday- Thursday, then weekends and followed by another broadcasting station. Did that confuse you? :O

*This does not include OST’S for daily dramas, KBS drama specials, KBS TV Novels & other weekend dramas other than the big 3 broadcasters.

*Due to many notices out there in the world, I’m just taking some precautions and making the posts password protected. If you want to access it then please leave your email and state the post that you want the password for. Thank you :) Sorry for the inconvenience. Stuff happens.

Then… let the magic begin! If you have any questions, please feel me to ask me below. Or you could just tweet or email me @justkoreandramas@gmail.com.



See that blank section below? Now it is your time to shine xD

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